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Famous Commedian Mr. Bean Accepts Islam


Famous actor of funny films Mr. bean has entered into the islamic world as he has accepted the Islam.

And surprised the comedian famous “Mr Bean” middle and artistic world by announcing entry inthe Islamic religion.
And the relocation of “echo my” word Mr Bean shows from which the film was offensive to the Prophet – peace be upon him – was a major reason for the discovery of a teacher this true religion, and did not want Mr Bean authorizing the channels of information so, as it could only raise his finger testimony.
According to some sources, interested according to the site, Sheikh Rashid Ghannouchi Contact the name and the name of the Nahda Movement congratulatory telegram for this artist Qadeer congratulating, calling him stable on the road to the right, waiting to send an official mission to congratulate him.
The site indicates that Sheikh Rashid relationship with “Mr Bean” is related to ancient days was in London. Sheikh has long been a good mentor.

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  1. nice been islamic nam kya hai

  2. thisis nice mr been coem to islam MA SHA ALLAH

  3. Masha Allah Allah Esteqamt Atta Farmey

  4. Masha Allah Allah Esteqamt Atta Farmey

  5. Nice to hear this good news May Allah keep him in his blessings

  6. Ma'Sha'Allah but we have to wait till some Official announcement..!

  7. Mian Waqas Ahmad


  8. v v v v v v nic MASHALLAH.

  9. very good my dear God protect ur selfh best of luck

  10. fake news hai yah

  11. I suggest “Been Abdur Rehman” name for this very good fellow.

  12. MashaAllah,may Allah bless u n may u die a muslim too

  13. ALLAH HO AKBAR Mashallah Allah as pe sabit kadam rehne tufeeq de Ameen

  14. ma shaa allah mr. bean bro

  15. mashallah g

  16. Masha Allah

  17. Mashallah

  18. Allah hu Akbar, MashaAllah.. i recon his name Mastan Bin Atkinson

  19. Suhanallah

  20. Ma Sha ALLAH,,,,Its Nice that Mr. been Come to Islam, we have to wait official announcement…..his islamic name sh’d be Muhammad Abdullah

  21. Jgm.t.

  22. Welcome to Islam Mr. Bean

  23. wellcom my brother …Mashallah

  24. English of this article is very poorly written and hard to understand the point of view..
    Go back to school before rolling on blogs

  25. nice Mr been wellcome to islam

  26. mashallah …. subhanallah … nice Mr.bean ….. it is the reazn why i like Mr.bean

  27. Waqas Mutee UR Rehmaan

    may allah accept his islam and forgive his previous mistakes

  28. MashaAllah will All Over The World Bring Islam .InshaAllah


  30. sach lgta to nhi ha asa howa ha agr howa ha to boht achi bat ha or video be nhi show ho rhi ha yaha pr

  31. Arqam Javaid nice name

  32. any authentic reference? so only this website knows about that but no1 in global media exposed this news…amazing…blind followers

  33. Nadia Butt kee pics ager us nay daikh lee to kahay ga keh yeh hai muslim (jism kee numayesh) to mera kia hoga

  34. I think Abd-ur-Rahman is just fine

  35. u r rite nadia.

  36. yu should keep your name "MUHAMMAD" as on the day of resuriction yu can go to Jannah by this name…


  38. Aadil Altaf Burdi

    His name is Rowan Atikson not bean.


  40. Miyan Hassan Al-banna

    Allah o akbar
    Allah o akbar
    Allah o akbar

  41. Only MOHAMMAD is a better name for him

  42. Faheem Malik v nic e saying , me 100 % agree

  43. mashallah wel come allah bless you

  44. Agar yeh sach ha tu is ka matlab ha ke roshni ko chor kar darkness ki taraf chala gaya hay

  45. like allah is big

  46. haa na video nhi show horhi mmmmm

  47. or us ka islamic name kia h???

  48. agar koe keh de k main muslim hoon to as a muslim yaqeen krna chahiey

  49. Would please share news source with us ?

  50. Islam is universal religion……..

  51. It's untrue he ain't accepted Islam he is with the Freemasons protected and being watched by the royal family lol this shit is a joke people don't learn to bullshit from Pakistan because try are bad at it Salam ;)

  52. MaxhAllah…Agr yh such hai tU bhtt khUshi hai sun k…prOud 2 be a Muslim :)

  53. MA SHAH ALLAH welcome to ISLAM Mr.bean

  54. Dure Nayyab Tum na konsha Sharm kea ha….

  55. plz write complete spell

  56. very good
    Allah pak baki non muslims ko bhe islam ka diary ma dakhil honay ki taufeq day ameen
    aur hum ko real muslim&momin banany ki taufeqq at farmiey

  57. Mashallah


  59. m.r been thanks to accept islam

  60. Mohammad Asam Arshad

    MASHALLA Welcome to Islam may allah accept his islam

  61. Mike De Fleuriot

    So many ignorant Muslims here.

    You do know that this is not true. Rowan Atkinson is still an atheist.

    By giving these "welcome to Islam" posts, you are parading your ignorance for the whole world to see.

    And if you want some real news. Dr Zakir Naik has rejected Islam and all it's teachings and is now training under Professor Richard Dawkins to become a full atheist.

  62. Hasnain Umer

  63. He is an atheist. kindly confirm it right now. secondly nobody accepts Islam these day.

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